What is Baitak Rewards Program?
Baitak Rewards Program is a Kuwait Finance House Loyalty Program that rewards you for using your KFH cards.
How can I register in Baitak Rewards?

All eligible cardholders will be registered automatically to Baitak Rewards, For new cards, once the customer activate his/her eligible card, they will receive SMS to register on the App and accept the Terms & Conditions of the program.

Which cards are eligible to be enrolled in Baitak Rewards?
The following cards are eligible to be enrolled in Baitak Rewards: Visa Infinite Metal Black Visa Infinite Metal Silver Visa Infinite Metal Veneer Al- Tayseer Diamond Al-Tayseer Platinum Premium Visa Diamond Visa Platinum Master Card Platinum Visa Platinum Select Al- Tayseer Platinum Standard Al-Tayseer Gold Al-Tayseer Classic Visa Classic Visa Gold Hesabi Prepaid Card Master Card Gold Master Card Classic
What is a card tier?
Card tiers indicate the exclusive benefits and privileges you get, where you can earn KFH Points and how you can redeem them. Card tiers are based on your eligible KFH card type.
How many card tiers are included in Baitak Rewards?

There are 3 different card tiers.

Black Tier Cards:

Visa Infinite Metal Black

Visa Infinite Metal Silver

Visa Infinite Veneer

Silver Tier Cards:

Al- Tayseer Diamond

Al-Tayseer Platinum Premium

Visa Diamond

Visa Platinum

MasterCard Platinum

Visa Platinum Select

Hesabi Prepaid Card

Green Tier Cards:

Al- Tayseer Platinum Standard

Al-Tayseer Gold

Al-Tayseer Classic

Visa Classic

Visa Gold

MasterCard Gold

MasterCard Classic

Are prepaid cards included in the program?
Yes, participating prepaid cards are limited to Hesabi prepaid card.
How can I activate my account?
You can activate your account by logging in to KFH Rewards mobile App or Website after accepting the program terms and conditions.
How can I login to my account?
You can login to your account by logging in to KFH Mobile App or website then accessing KFH Rewards.
Are there any fees associated with Baitak Rewards?
No, Baitak Rewards does not charge any fees on members.
What are Baitak Points?
Baitak Points are the points that members can collect for eligible transactions and redeem through various options.
Do Baitak Points expire?
Yes, your Baitak Points are valid for a period of 24 months from the date you earn them. KFH Points expire on the last day of the month.
Can I transfer my Baitak Points to a family member or a friend?

• Yes, Baitak Points are transferable between KFH Rewards members.

• Only Members holding Black or Silver Tier cards are eligible to transfer points.

• The minimum amount of KFH Points to transfer is 1,000 Points.

What happens to my Baitak Points, if I cancel my only eligible KFH card?
If you wish to cancel your only eligible KFH card you will lose all your accumulated Baitak Points.
If I replaced my current card with another eligible card or closed my card will I lose my Baitak Rewards points?

If you replaced your current Baitak Rewards card with other eligible card you will not lose your Baitak Rewards points. The points will be accumulated as normal, and you will continue to earn points from your new card under the same Baitak Rewards account. But if you closed your card and you don’t have any other eligible card you will not be able to access and redeem your points.

Is there a maximum limit or a cap on the amount for E-Oula wallet recharge with KFH E-Voucher?

Yes, there is a maximum transaction limit of 500 KWD.

Earn Points
How can I earn Baitak Points?

• Black & Silver Tier cards can earn Baitak Points on all domestic and international retail spends (POS, contactless, e-commerce, etc.)

• Green Tier cards can earn Baitak Points on POS transactions form the participating partners only.

When will my newly earned Baitak Points show in my account?
Baitak Points will be credited to your account after 24 hours from the credit card and Hesabi prepaid card posted transaction.
What is the minimum amount to spend to earn Baitak Points?
The minimum amount to spend to earn Baitak Points is 1 KD.
Can I earn fraction of Baitak Points?
Yes, Baitak Points can’t be earned by fraction on 1st decimal. For example: 1.2 KD gives you 12 Points. Rounded number is applied for fraction of 2 decimals, for example 1.25 KD gives you 12 Points and not 12.5 Points.
Can I purchase Baitak Points?
No, Baitak Points can only be earned through eligible purchase transactions with an eligible KFH card.
How can I claim my missing Baitak Points?
Any member can claim for missing Baitak Points through Kuwait Finance House Rewards Mobile App or Website or through KFH Call Center.
In case the transaction is cancelled, what will happen to the points that were earned from this transaction?

After canceling a transaction, you will lose the accumulated points from it.

Can I earn points from cash withdrawal?

No, members can not earn points from cash withdrawal operations.

Redeem Points
How can I redeem my Baitak Points?
Baitak Points can be redeemed through e-vouchers issued from KFH Rewards Mobile Application / Website and redeemed at the participating partner.
What can I redeem my Baitak Points for?

Depending on your card tier, Baitak Points can be redeemed for the following options:

All members:

• Payment eVoucher at any participating partner store.

• Online shopping.

Members Holding Black or Silver Tier cards:

• Transfer Baitak Points to another member.

• Point exchange with third party programs.

• Travel and tourism Catalogue.

• Donate to Charity.

How can i redeem my points as E-vouchers to use in participating brand stores?

1- Go to ‘Redeem’ section in Baitak Rewards.

2- Select eVouchers in the menu.

3- Select ‘Payment’ and click ‘Create Voucher’.

4- Define Voucher Amount and complete the transaction.

5- Visit Participating Brand Store.

6- Show The E-Voucher Code in Baitak Rewards App to Cashier during Payment.

What will happen if I lose eVoucher?
If you lose your printed eVoucher, you can always find it in your account at Baitak Rewards mobile app or website.
Can I see my used and not used eVouchers?
Yes, after using any eVoucher it will be labeled as used and it will not be accessible. Users will see both used and not used eVouchers.
How can I redeem my Baitak Rewards voucher in Oula Petrol Stations?

You can recharge your Oula Card with Baitak Rewards Voucher and use in Oula Petrol Station for Fuel Service and Car Wash. You can Download Oula App to generate an Oula Card.


  1. Create E-Voucher under redemption section in Baitak Rewards with your points  
  2. Download Oula App and select Recharge Oula  Card from menu
  3. Select KFH Voucher from  Drop Down menu and enter KFH Voucher Code
  4. Use QR Code to Pay in Oula Station 
Can I redeem my Baitak Points immediately?

Yes, you can redeem your Baitak Points whenever you wish to after activating your account.

What is the minimum amount of points that can be redeemed for point donation?

The minimum amount of points to donate is 1,000 Baitak Points

Which charity is participating in Baitak Rewards?

Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society and International Islamic Charity Organization are participating in Baitak Rewards with their Charity Projects.

When will my donation be transferred?

The donation will be transferred on monthly basis.

Can I return my points after I donated them?

No, Donate to Charity redemption transactions are non-refundable.

How can I use the Travel & Tourism catalogue redemption option?

To use Travel & Tourism catalogue redemption option, follow the steps below:

1- Log in to the Baitak Rewards App or website.

2- Click on Redemption Options.

3- Click on Travel & Tourism catalogue.

4- Choose the option (Hotel - Flight - Car rental).

5- Fill in the blanks based on your preferences then click on search.

6- Choose from the search results.

7- After choosing the result you want, Add your personal details.

8- Before finalizing the transaction you will receive an OTP to confirm the transaction.


For more details. Kindly visit the tutorial video below:


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