Baitak Rewards

Terms and Conditions


1-  Introduction


·         These Terms and Conditions (referred to hereinafter as T&C) govern the use of Baitak Rewards program, the collection of Baitak Points, the membership of Baitak Rewards Program, redemption and the use of Baitak Rewards website and Mobile Application.


·         By accessing and/or using any page of the website or Mobile Application and the services they offer, member declares that member read, understood, and accepted the following terms, conditions, and disclaimers in full and hereby agrees to comply with and be bound by them. These T&C may be changed or updated occasionally; therefore, members are encouraged to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes made.


·         Baitak Rewards Program is subject to modification, cancellation, variation, or limitation to any benefits or features at our sole discretion, without any prior notice to you or liability on our part.


2-  Definitions


For the purpose of these T&C, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

·         Baitak Rewards Program: The rewards program run by Kuwait Finance House pursuant to which members earn reward Points by performing transactions through his/her Kuwait Finance House eligible cards and services and then redeeming the earned Points for different rewards.

·         Account: The account to which the “Baitak Rewards Points” of a customer will be accrued.

·         Customer: An individual who is a customer of Kuwait Finance House.

·         Baitak Rewards Points: (referred to hereinafter as Points) The Points accrued by a program member based on certain behavior.

·         Bonus Points: The Points that are earned on promotional activities.

·         Reward: Specified goods or services to be provided by Kuwait Finance House or a partner of the program to a customer in exchange of Points.

·         Partner: A provider of goods or services which is participating in Baitak Rewards program.

·         Member: A customer who is enrolled as a member of Baitak Rewards program

·         KD: Kuwaiti Dinar.

·         OTP Code: (One Time Password) A four-digit number sent to member at key interactions with Baitak Rewards platform.

·         Baitak Rewards platform: A platform offered by Kuwait Finance House to its customers as a member login portal which is not limited to access reward redemption options.

·         Eligible Transaction: Any transaction made on the customer’s account which the bank identifies as eligible to accrue points.


3-  Program Member Terms

·         All eligible Kuwait Finance House cardholders are automatically enrolled to Baitak Rewards.

·         Members who own multiple eligible credit or prepaid cards will have all the cards accumulating under one account.

·         Members have to accept the terms and conditions to activate their accounts.

·         Members can activate their accounts using Baitak Rewards mobile App or Website.

·         If in the sole opinion of the Bank, a member is misusing Baitak Rewards program (such as selling points, fraud, false claim of missing points, etc), the Bank may suspend or terminate the provision of Points to the said member with immediate effect. In such cases, the Bank may also, at its discretion, cancel the Points that have already been accrued.

·         The Rewards account status follows the Customer Account status, if the only card a member owns was frozen by the bank for any reason or is not eligible to perform a purchase transaction, the member status will change to “Deactivated” and will be unable to redeem or earn new Points until the bank activates the account status again. The same applies if the required customer information (KYC) is not updated / valid on the system

·         In any case, once the customer is subscribed in the program, the customer gives Kuwait Finance House the right to provide the Partner(s) with any details required by the latter without any responsibility whatsoever on Kuwait Finance House.

·         The member shall be responsible for advising Kuwait Finance House of any change of his security details and address and shall be responsible for ensuring that the member’s Points are properly credited. If proper credit of such Points does not appear on the Statement, the member should inform the bank and provide supporting documents where necessary.


4-  Eligibility



Any Kuwait Finance House customer who holds one of the following cards is eligible to be a Baitak Rewards member:


·         Visa Gold

·         Tayseer T3 Gold

·         Visa Classic

·         Tayseer T3 Classic

·         Visa Platinum

·         MasterCard Gold

·         MasterCard Classic

·         MasterCard Platinum  

·         Tayseer T12 Platinum Standard

·         Tayseer T12 Platinum Premium

·         Tayseer T12 Classic

·         Tayseer T12 Gold

·         Visa Charge Diamond

·         Visa Tayseer Diamond

·         Visa Platinum Select

·         Visa Infinite Metal Black

·         Visa Infinite Metal Silver

·         Visa Infinite Metal Veneer

·         Hesabi prepaid card



The list is subject to change without prior notice


·         Card Tiers Baitak Rewards is a three-tiered program depending on the card type.

·         Card tiers are (Black, Silver, and Green).

·         Card tier is not influenced by KFH customer segments.


·         Tier Black Cards:

o   Visa Infinite Metal Black

o   Visa Infinite Metal Silver

o   Visa Infinite Metal Veneer


·         Tier Silver Cards:

o   Visa Platinum

o   MasterCard Platinum

o   Tayseer T12 Platinum Premium

o   Visa Charge Diamond

o   Visa Tayseer Diamond

o   Visa Platinum Select

o   Hesabi prepaid Card


·         Tier Green Cards:

o   Visa Gold

o   Tayseer T3 Gold

o   Visa Classic

o   Tayseer T3 Classic

o   MasterCard Gold

o   MasterCard Classic

o   Tayseer T12 Platinum Standard

o   Tayseer T12 Classic

o   Tayseer T12 Gold


5-  Point Attributes

·         Points have an expiry after 24 Months starting from the date of issuance.

·         Bonus Points expiry date might differ according to campaign types.

·         Points can only be earned, held, transferred or redeemed as set out in these T&C. Any other use, award, sale, exchange or transfer of Reward Points, or attempt to do so, is a serious breach of these T&C. Any Reward Points not earned and held in accordance with these T&C will be invalid and cannot be re- deemed for Rewards. Any such Reward Points on a Member account will be deducted and, if they are redeemed, we will cancel the relevant Rewards.

·         Baitak Points have no cash value.


6-  Point Accrual

·         The spending of a Program member is the spending of his eligible card under the membership account

·         The basic earn scheme of every 1 KD spent is 15 points for tier black, 10 points for tier sliver and 5 points for tier green cards .

·         Earning fraction of Point is allowed. Example “1.2 KD = 12 Points”.

·         The minimum amount to spend to start earning Points is 1 KD or the equivalent in foreign currency.

·         Tier Black & Silver & Green tier cards can earn Points on any POS or e-commerce transaction worldwide with basic earn scheme.

·         Bonus Points can be earned on predefined promotional campaigns such as (Double your points this Friday, x5 points for transactions abroad, etc)

·         Promotional campaigns allow to earn bonus Points on a single or combination criteria, such as (purchase at a specific merchant & pay using KFH-wallet, etc.)

·         Members who haven’t accepted the program terms and conditions yet can earn Points before activation / terms and conditions acceptance; however, members will  not be able to redeem any Point until they activate their account by accepting the program terms and conditions.

·         Points balance will be dependent on the processing timeframe of the transactions and might take several days to be reflected

·         Program members with basic and supplementary cards earn Points in a single pool, which is the Basic cardholder’ reward pool, and can redeem from the same reward pool. The basic cardholder is the sole person entitled to burn these points and is the ultimate holder of the account.

·         Where an eligible transaction has been cancelled / reversed/ refunded / etc., the Bank will deduct the relevant Points accrued as a result of the said reversal / refund / etc. having occurred.

·         For members having multiple eligible cards with the bank, the Points earned on each card will remain in the account if the member has at least One active card and the account and card status are in good standing.

·         Qualifying transactions do not include the following transactions:

o   Balance transfer

o   Fees of any type

o   Non-transaction or non-purchase activity

o   Cash withdrawals

o   Transactions reversed by the merchant

o   Any other transactions determined by the bank from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion.

·         Transactions carried out through the following business categories:

·         •   4829: Money orders – bank transfers

·         •   6012: Financial institutions

·         •   6051: Non-financial institutions – foreign exchange and money orders (not wire transfer) and traveler’s checks

·         •   6211: Security – brokers/dealers


·         The list is subject to change without prior notice



7-  Point Multiplier


·         Participating partners could offer a variable point multiplier depending on merchant agreement (i.e. x1, x5, x10, etc.).Tier multiplier and participating merchant multiplier works in parallel. Both multipliers can be activated for the same transaction.

·         For first time redemption, program members should activate their accounts via Baitak Rewards Mobile App or Website.

·        Fraction of point is not redeemable. Points can be redeemed only as a natural number (example: 1000,1,200, etc.) and in the format or brackets / denominations designed by Baitak rewards program.

·         All Rewards are nonrefundable / non-cancellable and are subject to applicable terms and conditions (including redemption expiry, booking requirements, cancellation restrictions, warranties and limitations of liability) of the Reward’s suppliers and/or Merchants.

·         The member irrevocably and unconditionally agrees and expressly consents that the Bank may at its discretion and for any purpose (including for the purpose of redemption of Baitak Rewards Points) share any information, details or data relating to the Customer and/ or the accounts of the member and/or the member’s transactions with the Bank or its affiliates or any other third party in any territory. The number of Points required to redeem any Reward can be found on the Baitak Rewards website or Mobile Application and may change without prior notice.

·         Once a Reward has been redeemed, it cannot be returned or exchanged for Points or other Rewards and might have an expiry date set by KFH or the providing partner.

·         Kuwait Finance House may at any time and without notice alter the number of Baitak Points required to obtain a particular Reward, withdraw a Reward supplied or impose additional restrictions on a Reward or conditions of obtaining it.

·         Kuwait Finance House cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or unauthorized use of Member’s OTP Code or Reward.

·         It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the OTP / reward is not compromised, shared with anyone, or mishandled. Any loss resulting from the unauthorized use of the member’s OTP/ reward is the member’s sole responsibility.

·         A Member might have to enter his/her OTP Code when conducting a redemption transaction in Baitak Rewards program. Additional security questions may be asked during the redemption request.

·         The Rewards offered by the Bank for redemption may, at the discretion of the Bank, be amended from time to time.

·         A member has to maintain clean credit & payment history with the bank against the services and products. Delinquency and blockage of Cards / Accounts will lead to cease point redemption until customer’s payment behavior is normalized.

·         Only points that are registered in Baitak Rewards Account, at the time of redemption, are eligible for redemption.  KFH records shall be conclusive evidence in respect of the number of points registered and credited to a member and available for redemption.

8-  Point Redemption Channels


Points can be redeemed through the following channels:

·         Baitak Rewards Mobile App or Website

9-  Point Redemption Options


Points can be redeemed against the following options:

·         e-Voucher(Eligible for Tier Black, Silver and Green cardholders): use e-Voucher at participating partners.

o   The minimum amount to redeem a payment e-Voucher is 1,000 Points.

o   The payment e-Voucher is validity set by Baitak Rewards team is 6 Months.

·         Online Marketplace (Eligible for Tier Black, Silver and Green cardholders): Redeem Points for various offers from Baitak Rewards Online Shopping partners.

o   The deal e-Voucher usage is limited to the offering merchant

o   Each deal e-Voucher has its own terms and conditions & validity date as agreed with the offering merchant.

Program member is allowed to Redeem 1 unique deal per Online Shopping merchant per day from the Rewards catalogue.

·         Points Exchange (Eligible for Tier Black & Silver cardholders): Exchange Baitak Rewards Points with a 3rd party loyalty program.

o   The point exchange with a 3rd party loyalty program will be processed within 30 days after member’s confirmation.

o   If the point exchange failed (example: not a valid member code), the member will get back all the transferred Points.

The minimum amount of Points to exchange is set for every partner.

·         Points Transfer  (Eligible for Tier Black & Silver cardholders): Transfer your Points to any eligible Baitak Rewards member

·         Members who are not holding a card from Tier Black or Tier Silver and are only holding cards from Tier Green are only eligible for the following redemption options:

o   e-Voucher from participating merchant

o   Online Marketplace

·         Members who are only holding Tier Green cards are not eligible for the following redemption options:

o   Point exchange with 3rd party program

o   Point transfer

·         Travel catalogue (Eligible for Tier Black & Silver cardholders):  Redeem Points for a flight ticket, Car rental, or Hotel booking through Baitak Rewards Travel catalogue.

·         Currently, members are allowed to pay for a booking with points only.

·         Travel catalogue has its own terms and conditions that can be found in Baitak Rewards Mobile App or Website.

·         Donate to Charity (Eligible for Tier Black & Silver cardholders): Donate your Points to a charity project of your selection from a predefined list.

·         The minimum amount of points to donate is 1,000 Points (1KD).

·         Donate to Charity redemption transactions are non-refundable.

10-         Termination


·         Kuwait Finance House has the sole right to terminate the Baitak Rewards Program without the need for any written notice to the customer and without any reason whatsoever, and any unredeemed point at that time will be forfeited with no value or compensation to cardholders.

·         The membership in Baitak Rewards Program will terminate automatically upon death, insolvency, unsatisfactory conduct on the Account (which is determined in our sole discretion). In that event, the right to earn Points and redeem Baitak Rewards is automatically forfeited.


Kuwait Finance House may make changes to these T&C without prior notice. Earning or redeeming Reward Points on a Member’s Account will constitute acceptance of the revised T&C. We may suspend or terminate the Baitak Rewards Program but will give as much notice as we reasonably can before we do so. If this happens, all Member Accounts will be suspended or terminated.